D.U.I.D. Detection The Roadside Impairment Drug Test

  • No Instrumentation needed
  • Quick and Easy, Use Anywhere and Anytime
  • FDA 510K Cleared
  • Cost Effective
  • iPhone or Android phone and website application for test result documentation
  • Test results archived, obtain an official report as needed
  • Online training and certification
  • Test for Marijuana, PCP, Cocaine, Opioid Pain Killers, Methamphetamine, Amphetamine, Heroin and Morphine.


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The DUID Detection Oratect has been designed as an impairment test for law enforcement to use as a presumptive D.U.I.D. tool similar to the PBT for alcohol. The Oratect absorbs saliva from the mouth directly into the test device. Most collections take less than two minutes. DUID Detection Oratect Impairment Guide

Cops need a breathalyzer-like technology that works to identify drug-impaired drivers on the spot Senator Charles Schumer